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Are you looking for a way to distribute your add-on products to the Open GI user base?

Discover the quick and easy way to distribute your add-on products to Open GI’s entire user base of insurance brokers – that’s around 40% of the broker market.


Unlike other propositions currently available, any new product added to the marketplace is instantly available to our brokers to sell through their normal workflow. Furthermore, it is fully integrated into their Core Back-Office system.

We want to be sure that Add-on Marketplace gains maximum exposure and awareness, so we’re driving a major integrated marketing campaign to engage Open GI brokers. Of course, we’ll continue to promote the service on an ongoing basis as we develop and launch new add-on products to the market.

Add-on Marketplace has been designed to minimise the administrative tasks associated with selling add-on policies for both brokers and product providers – so it saves time and money!

Providers can reduce their administration time and costs by:

  • Switch brokers on and off
  • Maintain flat fee premiums per broker for each add-on product
  • Run real-time reports on conversions
  • Gaining an overnight feed of conversion data so that your billing and tracking can be completely automated

View the demo – Add-on Marketplace Provider Hub


Brokers can reduce their administration time and costs by:

  • Enjoying speed, simplicity and ease of use
  • Selling add-ons without any re-keying of data as part of the main policy workflow
  • Receiving automatically generated documents
  • Getting automatic feedback on conversions to our product providers
  • Benefiting from automatically created add-on policy records

View the demo – Add-on Marketplace Broker Workflow

How will brokers know about your products?

Open GI is driving a number of integrated marketing initiatives to raise broker awareness of the products available and those coming soon. These include:

  • Email campaigns to key decision makers at each brokerage
  • Sales distributed by our Account Managers
  • An online directory with details of all products and providers, plus a dedicated web page for each product available
  • Features in all Open GI publications
  • PR in the insurance press
  • Social media activity

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about the commercial benefits that Add-on Marketplace can offer you, please email Danny Gale, Insurer Relations Executive at

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