Personal Lines Product Functionality

//Personal Lines Product Functionality
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Product functionality

Depending on your requirements and the engine your product resides on, the following functionality can be made available:

  • Premium Override
  • Excess Override
  • Vehicle Override
  • Referral Processing
  • Full Postcode Rating
  • Electronic Renewals Transfer
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Rating by Business Source Code

Real-time pricing, rating updates and enrichment service

Your business can benefit from the best anti-fraud and pricing tools available, thanks to integration with third-party enrichment service providers across all four personal business lines. This includes full integration with the MyLicence Enrichment Hub, providing real-time conviction and driving licence data at the point of quote. Credit and ID checks at point of quote are just two of the additional enrichment services available through our Personal Lines Product Functionality.

Real-time pricing solutions include Active Quote for product providers and full Insurer Hosted Pricing solutions. If you take advantage of our fully integrated Polaris RTE, then you’ll also enjoy instant rate changes via our Web Up Loader Tool.