UK General’s MOT Test Insurance can help with the cost of repairs or replacement of parts, provided they are shown as having failed the MOT standards on a refusal to issue an MOT certificate.

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Key features

  • Cover available for cars up to the age of seven with mileage of up to 70,000.

  • Claims limits of £500 and £750 are available.

  • 12 month policy, which is annually renewable.

  • Policy operative time is 30 days prior to MOT test date and 30 days post MOT failure.

Unique features

  • Simple and clear eligibility criteria for brokers and customers to see if the product is suitable.

  • No need to capture the customer’s MOT test date as the policy term is 12 months with an operative time which will automatically apply whenever the MOT is due.

  • Policy documentation in clear English to support customer understanding of the product.

  • Easy to read ‘What is covered’ and ‘What is not covered’ sections, which are side by side for quick comparison.

  • Exclusions, policy conditions and general conditions are accompanied by simple explanations which outline why these apply.

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