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Soter Key Protection Insurance

A Macmillan branded key fob is sent to your client, and any keys attached to it are insured for up to £1,500 in the event of them being lost, stolen or broken.

This includes reprogramming of immobilisers, replacement lock sets, replacement vehicle hire and onward transport costs. Full onsite training for your staff is also available. A donation to Macmillan Cancer Support is made with each sale.

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Key features

  • £1,500 level of indemnity.

  • 24/7 claims line for your customers.

  • A highly visible link between your brand and one of the biggest cancer charities in the UK.

  • Removes the need for your customer to claim against their home or motor insurance policy.

  • Nil excess to pay.

Unique features

  • Your customers see the value of this outstanding product.

  • Protects your customers’ core product.

  • They get a positive feeling by supporting Macmillan.

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