Qdos Commercial Legal Expenses combines traditional covers such as employment and contract disputes with the unique and market-leading ET3 Cover and Cyber Defence. This product provides additional protection to the risks faced by businesses in today’s ever-changing world.

ET3 Cover guarantees that a response will be submitted to an Employment Tribunal within the statutory 28-day time limit and, unlike traditional legal expenses cover, is not subject to prospects of success. Cyber Defence provides invaluable protection against disputes with IT service providers and employees. Cover is available at a fixed price so flexible commissions can be applied.

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Key features

  • All standard sections of cover provided including employment and contract disputes.

  • New ET3 Cover section provided.

  • New Cyber Defence section provided.

  • Underwritten by a strong rated UK-based insurer.

  • Fixed low price net premium.

Unique features

  • ET3 Cover provided with no ‘prospects of success’ applicable.
  • All standard sections of cover provided plus Cyber Defence.
  • Fixed price allows for flexible commissions to be applied.
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