Nice 1: Replacement Vehicle

Nice1 Replacement Vehicle

In response to customer concerns that insurer courtesy vehicle programs are not always able to provide a suitable replacement vehicle, Nice 1 created its leading Replacement Vehicle Insurance service.

If an insurer program fails to provide, Nice 1 will arrange for the vehicle to be referred to the nearest alternative approved repairer with a courtesy vehicle available, or arrange the supply of a replacement vehicle through its national rental network.

NIce 1
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Key features

Nice 1 will arrange and pay for a hire vehicle if the vehicle is stolen or is made undriveable following:

  • Attempted theft or damage by fire.

  • Vandalism or vehicle interference.

  • An accident where the vehicle is a total loss or repairable.

Unique features

  • Fills the courtesy vehicle gap where insurer programs fail.

  • Cars and light commercial vehicles are included.

  • Choice of hire periods: 3, 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

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