If your customer’s vehicle is written off or stolen and declared a total loss, their comprehensive motor insurer will normally only pay out the current market value of it.  In many cases this could leave your customer with a financial headache to deal with.

MAPFRE ASSISTANCE’S Total Loss Assistance is a simple fixed benefit product that, if the worst should happen, will help contribute towards things like offsetting the inevitable vehicle depreciation, the cost of alternative transport, the payment of any motor insurance excess or even loss of earnings if they are unable to get to work due to not having a car.


Key features

  • Three fixed benefit payment options: £500, £1000, £2000.

  • Minimum vehicle value at policy start date must be at least double the fixed benefit payment level selected.

  • No restrictions on how the vehicle has been purchased (private or dealer).

  • No restrictions on when it can be purchased though the vehicle must be under seven years old and have done less than 100,000 miles.

  • European cover.

Unique features

  • A simple and clear product that is unique within the Open GI range.

  • With an experienced in-house claims management team on hand to help your customers.

  • From the automotive add-on insurance experts.

  • Backed by one of the world’s largest insurance and assistance providers.

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