Every year businesses are affected by the disruption caused from a wide range of events including major losses linked to fires and flooding etc.

If the worst should happen, insurers are likely to appoint their own Loss Adjuster or other specialists to act on their behalf.

By using the CEC service, you can plan ahead for your clients, certain in the knowledge that expert and affordable support can be quickly accessed no matter what type of claim is involved. CEC deals with all claims without exclusion across property, business interruption and liability.

Uniquely different in the market, CEC has no qualifying terms or exclusions and if a product has been pre-purchased by your client, acceptance is guaranteed in the event of a claim.

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Key features

  • Technical support – Advice on all types of claims including policy/legal liability and repudiations.

  • Expert guidance – Sums insured, indemnity periods, warranties or endorsements.

  • Unique services – A unique alternative to Loss Recovery and Loss Assessing Services.

  • Affordable support – Flexible choices for clients to access their own independent Loss Adjuster.

  • Tiered services – A wide range of pre-event services are available; Silver and Gold options are transacted via Add-on Marketplace.

Broker benefits

  • Fair treatment – Ensures your clients are treated fairly.

  • Compliance – Delivers appropriate outcomes for your clients.

  • Relationships – Enhances and protects your client relationships.

  • Differentiation – Offers an enhanced claims service compared to your competitors.

  • Risk – Reduces your exposure to Professional Indemnity claims and reduces operational/reputational risk in your market.

  • Income generation – Develops additional revenue streams via your product sales.

Service levels

  • Silver – 10 hours of Loss Adjusting Support (includes 1 site visit within the 10 hours provided).

  • Also included in the above products, are additional levels of support, subject to payment of the optional Post Loss Fee which is based on a fixed % of the final claims settlement amount.

  • Post Loss Fee for Silver is 5%.

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