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Capture more data to give the most competitive quotes

With Custom Quote, you can capture data that is not part of our generic question set. Fully integrated with our personal lines quotation engines, this innovative software supports the addition of broker-specific data capture and can include broker-definable questions.

Product information

  • Seamless data capture complements generic information with scheme data or marketing information.
  • All data is stored in the Core system and can be used in correspondence, management information or for re-quotes.
  • Supports all data types including characters, numbers, yes/no responses, dates, codes and pick lists.
  • We manage the release of ‘question packs’ and the question definition.
  • Questions are exclusive to you and not available to any other brokerages.
  • Capture answers to specific questions for more accurate rating on non-standard risks and schemes.
  • Fully compatible with Active Quote and the eBroker platform.
  • Responses can allow premium changes in conjunction with Active Quote.

Minimum requirements

Custom Quote is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 14.81 or above

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