Broker Enrichment

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Use enrichment data to customise quotes and finance plans

Integrated with the Core Back-Office and other online solutions, Broker Enrichment offers a new real-time, point-of-quote service supporting the call to Experian’s iCache system, allowing brokers to manipulate the results and influence quote status and premium quoted.

Product information

  • The system is fully integrated with leading third-party data providers to support multiple enrichment services called at point of quotation
  • A comprehensive audit trail is retained of checks
  • Enrichment activation is controlled via quote engine select lists
  • Supported in Active Quote to influence premium and finance
  • Fully integrated with Premium Finance
  • Controls the finance options reducing exposure to admin costs following customers defaulting on payments
  • High risk clients can be easily identified following enrichment
  • Supports silent processing requiring no user interaction

Minimum requirements

Broker Enrichment is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 15.00A/5 or above

  • Utility 5.00E or above

  • APM 8.00F or above

  • TruckWriter 8.00S

  • SuperLogics 2.11R

  • Systems Extensions 2.88A/98 or above

  • BrokerLink 3.50D/92 or above

  • MotorWriter 7.00B or above

  • HomeWriter 11.00B

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