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PowerPlace, an Open GI Company

Apply flexible pricing rules to win new business

With Active Quote for PowerPlace, commercial brokers can apply flexible pricing rules that are specific to their target market and insurer agreements – so now you can create specific rules that drive new business generation across a number of lines.

This is how Active Quote for PowerPlace works

Active Quote for PowerPlace allows you to apply flexible pricing to win new business

Product information

  • Create rules to apply different price changes for different schemes.
  • Switch functionality on and off instantly.
  • An audit trail of all rules is created for each individual policy.
  • Apply price changes as a percentage or fixed amount – or relative to the best quoting premium.
  • Complete integration with the standard Open GI quote engines.
  • Flex premiums to ensure your competitive advantage.
  • Save time and money while improving service and quote conversions.
  • Apply tighter pricing control and exploit your specialist knowledge.
  • Features a secure rules editor so only authorised staff can make amendments.

Minimum requirements

Active Quote for PowerPlace is not subject to any software version dependencies.

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