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Safeguard your business

With Sanctions Checking, you can screen clients against Her Majesty’s Treasury UK and Northern Ireland sanctions list at point of sale – either from within the Open GI system or retrospectively via a real-time look-up.

This will safeguard your business from possible litigation associated with the sale of insurance to sanctioned organisations and individuals, including those guilty of terrorism.

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This is how Sanctions Checking Module works

Safeguard your business with Sanctions Checking

Product information

  • Can be activated at the quotation stage or when converting a policy.
  • Checks against the prospect’s name, address, postcode and date of birth.
  • A retrospective look-up facility allows batch checks to take place on all live clients. Due to continuous updates of the sanctions list, regular re-screening is essential.
  • Fully integrated with the Core Back-Office so no third-party intervention is required.
  • Standard audit reports and audit trail flags in each client record.
  • All data is HTTPS encrypted, adhering to system security and best industry practice.
  • The module provides a safeguard for your business as you cannot sell cover unless a prospect has been checked against Her Majesty’s Treasury sanctions list.
  • Limits human intervention, except in cases where an override is required, and saves time manually checking records.
  • Robust solution to aid your legal requirements regarding the sale of insurance.
  • Audit trail proves government required checks have been completed to prevent litigation leading to possible imprisonment.
  • Provides an extra safeguard as results are returned using a broker-defined tolerance setting.

Minimum requirements

Sanctions Checking Module is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 13.50 or above
  • System x2.88A/12 or above
  • MLS Server
  • Broadband internet

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