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Harness the power of mobile

With more and more consumers purchasing their insurance while they’re on the move, an increasing amount of aggregator traffic is being processed through mobile devices. mCommerce lets you access this huge and fast growing market by making your eBroker site available on smartphones and tablets.

Product information

  • Fully branded to complement your corporate identity.
  • eBroker pages optimised for display on mobile devices.
  • Fully integrated with CreditLine Plus for PCI compliance.
  • Integrated with the built-in call functionality of smartphones.
  • Easily selectable policy add-ons and payment methods.
  • Your customers can buy their insurance anytime, anywhere.
  • An optimised display so customers can clearly see key policy information.
  • Fully branded and customised text to support compliance.

Minimum requirements

mCommerce is subject to the following software dependencies:

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