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The next-generation online quote service

This advanced system integrates your website with Open GI’s XML quote engines, so you can deliver real-time online quotes to your personal lines clients. Whenever you provide a quote, a web service call is made to the quote engine to generate rapid results. You also retain complete control of data capture, question sets and workflow.

Product information

  • Ideal for large brokers with in-house or third-party web developers. 
  • Up-to-date ratings managed by Open GI.
  • Quotes delivered quickly – and with full Back-Office integration, data re-keying is eliminated. 
  • Online quotations become a natural extension of your existing website. 
  • You can extend your web presence further by adding Active Quote.
  • Clients can access real-time quotes from a range of products and insurers on your website.
  • You can capture prospect data for use in marketing programmes.
  • An optional encrypted date and time stamp to apply full cycle EDI policies.
  • Standard XML schemas are available for bike (available in UK only), commercial risks, home and motor risks.

Minimum requirements

Hosted eQuotes is subject to the following software dependencies:

  • Hosted InStream to save prospects to the Back-Office
  • A developer in your business with knowledge of Extensible Markup Language (XML), XML Schema Definitions (XDS) and SOAP Message Format
  • Hosted eQuotes Lead Transfer and Sales Conversion Units

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