CreditLine Plus

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The easy way to take electronic payments by credit and debit cards

Open GI collaborate with a number of key partners who meet the latest regulation requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Standard (PCI DSS).

CreditLine PLus is a fully integrated facility for taking secure and fast electronic payments by credit and debit cards.

View the demo to see how simple CreditLine Plus is to use

Product information

  • CreditLine Plus activates immediately when the customer selects the card payment option.
  • Payment, pre-authorisation and card validation can be checked before issuing cover.
  • Review all card payments, track payments by card type and create full audit reports.
  • Ideal for all commercial and personal lines, as well as high street, call centre based or online businesses.
  • Card details are discarded after use, with a token retained to enable future transactions.
  • Fast and secure card payments managed for you.
  • Rapid processing of refunds and payments to improve your customers’ experience.
  • Supports payments from all client premiums including broker instalment, standard deposits/full payment, premium finance, BACS initial payment and all card types.
  • Minimises errors and improves reporting, with all approved users having immediate access.
  • Fully integrated with the Core system.

Minimum requirements

CreditLine Plus is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 13.50 Ext.70 or above

  • APM 5.60D or above

  • System x2.86A Ext.41 or above

  • CreditLine Plus 3.00Y or above

  • MLS Server

Providers we work with

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